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Hoping somebody knows the answer.  We are giving a quiz and if they don't pass, they have to take again.  On the results slide it gives them the option to review quiz. Do I have to leave "When revisiting:" to automatically decide or can i change that to "reset to initial state"?  I want them to review their answers, but I also need a blank slate for them to take the whole thing over again.

I hope this question makes sense and somebody knows the answer. 



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Judy Nollet

Hi, Michelle,

For quizzes, I leave "When revisiting" to "Automatically decide," because Storyline is good at determining what to do for reviews and retries. 

  • The default Review Quiz button/trigger allows the user to look at the question slides again.
    • Their answers show, but the user can't change their answers during Review.
    • You can go into the Trigger Wizard to indicate whether Storyline should also indicate the correct answers. (FYI: I avoid showing the correct answers this way, because I've had multiple instances of people misinterpreting how this is presented.) 
    • The Next and Prev buttons automatically appear instead of the Submit button. 
  • The default Retry Quiz button/trigger automatically resets the questions.
    • The user's previous answers don't show anymore. In other words, they have to answer the question again.
    • The Submit button appears. 

Bottom line: reviewing a quiz and retrying a quiz are two separate functions. 

I hope this answers your question!