Reset to Initial State not working for Pick One Interaction

Hi Heroes,

I have made a pick one interaction similar to the file attached and have set the "when revisiting: reset to initial state".   However, when I leave the slide and then return via the previous button or the menu list, it's isn't resetting and is  marking correct answers as wrong.  Has anyone had this problem?  Any solutions?


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Teresa Vanderpost

Hi Ashley,  I was searching for an issue I am having where I have objectives show up one at a time, the next button is hidden until they see the fourth objective.  Like this quiz issue above, I set my slide to reset to initial state, but it is not working when I press the previous button.  So I tried saved state and auto decide.  So I am thinking because I have a variable about Objective 4 being true, to reset do I have to do something else.  I am not sure how I would create the trigger to reset the variable, I think that is new to me.  I have attached my file, look at slide 1.3 Objectives.  Thanks

Ashley Terwilliger-Pollard

Hi Teresa,

Are you looking for the slide to reset or to keep the next button on a revisit? 

Even though you've set the slide to reset, the variable value will remain from slide to slide (part of the joy of variables - you can use them throughout!). Since the value has changed on your layer,  it's not going to change again and your trigger is looking for just that "When Objective3Layer changes" so that's why your slide next button is not appearing the second time.