Reset to Initial State on both the Slide and Each Layer

I have a slide that has 6 layers, each button on the slide corresponds to a layer. If I have the next button initially hidden until all buttons have been clicked AND a variable set to TRUE when the user revisits the slide that they don't have to click through all buttons to show the Next button again, do I need to reset both the slide and each layer "set to initial setting"? Or just the slide itself?

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Akash Jambhorkar


As per your mention requirement if you use custom next button in storyline, you have to manage one variable with some condition.
E.g. you have create one True/False variable. Initially variable value set false. Adjust this variable value as True when all buttons are in visited state. And add trigger with condition for slide i.e.

changes state of
next button
when timeline start
and add condition when variable is true.

Here, I attached snap for trigger.