reset to saved state?

This might have been covered somewhere before but.  I am creating an end of course assessment.  If the learner scores below an 80% I want them to retake the course and then retake the assessment.  

The assessment starts with a picture scene with markers.  Clicking on the markers takes them to a question. Once answered they return to the scene to click on the next markers.  Once all markers are visited then they are directed to a results slide.  If I set the scene to reset every time they come back the markers reset.  If I set to saved then if they have to retake the assessment then all the markers are "visited."  I want the scene to be reset only if they have to retake the course.  Would this call for some sort of variable rule?  BTW, I HATE WRITING VARIABLES.  

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Alyssa Gomez

Hey Chris! 

Gotta love variables, right? They're a powerful tool for creating conditional interactions, but they can be confusing when you're first learning how they work! Fortunately they get easier and easier to use with a little practice. 😊

Without seeing your file, it sounds like you may need a "restart course" trigger on the Failure layer of the Results slide. However, I'd like to get a closer look at your set up to be sure that's what you need. Would you mind sharing a sample of the file with me here?