Reset wrong answers in drag and drop question


I have created a free form drag and drop where the user should drop images (even if they look like text-boxes) into on of two drop zones.

Everything works fine and the responses are correct but I would like for the images droped in the wrong drop zone to go back to their original position when the user press the Try again button.

I have tried to add a movement and it works great until you try to place the images removed from the drop zone back into one. When the first image hoovers above a drop zone all the other images removed jumps back into the drop zone they where in before.

Does anyone know how to keep them in their original positions until the user drags them to a drop zone again?

I have added an image of the slide in case it makes it easier to understand what I'm talking about.  :-)

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Katie Riggio

Hi, Helene!

Are you comfortable with sharing your .story file publicly, so we can take a closer look at the custom build? We have lots of creative designers in the community, so I'm curious to see what other ideas they'll share!

In the meantime, would it work for your design to enable the 'Return to start point if dropped outside' along with the 'a correct drop target' option? Here's how to check that setting!

Helene Praetorius Naurin


I found a solution that I'm quite happy with so I'll think I stick with this one. The solution is;

* The first time the participant answer wrong, they end up on layer Try again and when pressing the Try again button the page resets.

* The second time they answer wrong they end up on a layer I named Try again - with help. When pressing the Try again button on that layer the wrong answer change color to match the box they are supposed to go into.