Reseting slide to initial state when closing master Layer

I have set up a master layer for accessibility controls guide that users can access from any slide throughout the course by pressing the ? key.

i have set it up to pause the timeline on the base layer whenever selected, and to resume on exit, which works great on most slides, however i have some slides that open a layer when the timeline starts, if the user presses the ? to access the guide, the layer interaction is completed on return.

Is there a way to reset the slide to initial state with a trigger? I cannot have it jump to the slide, as they are all different slides.

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Sam Hill

Hi Jessica, you can reload a slide by navigating to itself "Jump to slide > This slide" which it will treat as a navigation, and reload the slide. However, it will only reset to initial if that is the slide property setting.

So, in order to achieve what you are looking for. Have the slide property set to "Reset to initial state". You will then need to have a variable toggle between true and false when the accessibility controls slide is opened and closed (maybe you have this already).

On the slides you want to reload and reset to initial state, you could have a trigger to "Jump to slide > This slide" when the slide toggle variable changes and the variable is equal to false (it has been closed).

I can't claim to have tested this, but theoretically it should work. Let me know how you go.