resetting 4 buttons to normal/initial state on main slide after visiting 4 subslides

Sep 14, 2016


Can anyone tell me how to reset buttons a on main slide, only 4 subslides have been visited.

here is how I would like it to work.

On main slide 4 buttons (In Normal State).

Each button takes learner to a new slide/subslide.

Upon return to the main slide, it shows 4 buttons are visited after 4 subslides are viewed.(so far all of this works).

If learner returns to this main slide at a later point, how can I reset all the buttons back to Normal, as if they've not reviewed this main slide and subslides before?

I tried to use a counter to add 1 each time a subslide is viewed, and the counter works but the button state change is not changing back to Normal. I have tried changing the main slide "When revisiting" feature, but no success.

Any other ideas?

Thank you!

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Wendy Farmer

That's because your trigger was set to change it to the New state which was the yellow state you had - and I left it at that.  I wouldn't use the Normal state - I would duplicate the blue colour you want and call it something else.

This was your comment on the first slide

reset main slide buttons, back to Normal, Or some other state,

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