Resetting a drag and drop interaction

Is it possible to reset a drag and drop interaction with a trigger on a different layer of that slide?

What I'm trying to do is this:

There are 8 objects that you can drag, and one drop object. I have a layer for each of the 8 objects. When you drop one of the objects on the drop target, it shows the layer of information. On that layer, I have an "X" image that closes the layer. When you return, the object is still on top of the drop target. I'm hoping that I can have that be back to the start of the drag and drop upon the return to the base layer.

It's functional, and it allows me to drag another object which kicks the previous one back to it's starting point, but for aesthetic purposes, I would love it if it were a clean start.

Thank you!

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Tom Kuhlmann

I attached a demo. Not exactly sure this is what you want but this is what happens.

  • I have four shapes that all share a drop target.
  • When I drag a shape to the target is reveals a layer.
  • When I click the close layer button, it sets everything back to the starting point.
  • Also have it set so only one object can be in the drop target at a time. It kicks the other object back, unless I click the close layer button.

A couple of things I did:

  • To get the objects to kick back, I started the drag/drop using the convert to freefrom and turned off the submit button and deleted the feedback layers. I have the form set to only allow one object per target.
  • Close layer doesn't have a "hide this layer trigger." Instead, I jump to the slide. In the slide properties I have it reset to initial state which will reset everything.

The attached demo should make it clear.

Published example.