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Rebecca Fleisch Cordeiro

Hi Ken,

Do you want to reset if Learners get the answer Incorrect...so from the Incorrect layer? 4 steps:

1. Click the little gear near the bottom right of your window in the Slide layers panel to open the Slide Properties dialog box

2. Click the "When revisiting" drop-down arrow and change to "Reset to Initial State"

3. Click on the Slide's Incorrect layer

4. Change the trigger for the Continue button from Jump to next slide to Jump to "current" slide, for example, Slide 1.1 Drag and Drop

With this setup, Learners will keep "recycling" back to the base layer from the incorrect layer. When they answer correctly and click Continue, they'll jump to the next slide.

Alternatively, if you're setting your quiz up with more than 1 attempt and want to reset in betweme attempts, you may find this tutorial that I created a while back helpful.

Please shout out with any questions.