Resetting multiple variables upon retrying

Oct 04, 2017

Dear community,

I have a scene in which the student must do multiple tasks to result in a final score that scene. Hopefully, if I get it all figured out, I will have 5 scenes to total a final score. 

I have the variable working the first time through. However, I am allowing the student to retry the scene to get a better before advancing. I have all the slides on reset to initial state so the check boxes are cleared.  I have the variable reset to 0 at the time they click to button to retry. However, when I preview it, the old score and the new score total together on the retry.  

Any thoughts?

Thanks for your help. 

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Leslie McKerchie

Hey Tamarah,

Great question. I spotted something right off the bat:

You're jumping back to your quiz prior to allowing the variable to re-set, so it's not getting a chance to do that. Adjust your trigger order.

The order of triggers is important. Storyline executes triggers in the order they appear in the Triggers panel. To reorder triggers, use the Up and Down arrows in the Triggers panel.

Hope that helps :)

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