Resetting a Quiz Question

Christine Hendrickson's response, see the attached link below, was the closest fit to what I am trying to do. As she described, I set all of my quiz slides to Reset to Initial State (Storyview). Then on the Try Again slide layer I created a trigger for the user to return to the question. When they return, all of the response options are refreshed so the user can answer the question again...... this is GOOD!


Now the user is stuck in a Try Again loop until they get the question correct..... this is NOT GOOD! The user is only supposed to get two tries with every quiz question. In other words, they should only get the Try Again layer once. If they answer is wrong the second time the should get the Incorrect slide which offers remediation.

NOTE: I did set the quiz attempts to two. However, once the trigger was added to the Try Again layer the 2 attempts requirement was ignored. 

How can I get out of this Try Again loop? Has anyboby encountered this situation.

Original solution, from Christine, found via the link below:


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Emily Ruby

Hello Kim!

When you change the Try again trigger to go back to the original slide, this will over ride the amount of attempts until they get the correct one. You can leave the trigger off, and the try again will take them back to the slide automatically, but the incorrect answer will not be reset.

You could also set this up using a variable. Create a numeric variable set at 0, and when they click the try again button, adjust the variable to add 1. The you can set the button to go to the next slide  on condition that variable is set to X number ( what you want the number of tries to be)

Kim Simmons

Thank you Emily. I need a faster work around as I have to resolve this issue quickly. I'll resort to a work around that I've used previously until I can take time to understand the supplied tutorial or find a tutorial that specifically addresses my issue directly.

Thank you for the input. I'll report back when time permist.

Kim Simmons

Until I am able to understand and apply the use of variable, this is what i have done....

1. created my quiz question then made a duplicate

2. on the first question, used the branching feature for the Try Again & Correct layers.

  • Try Again would be routed to the duplicate Question
  • Correct would be routed to the next quiz question

3. If the user had to Try Again, then the Incorrect and Correct layers will be used as is (no changes to the layers)

Pro: Logically it makes sense to me and I was able to quickly create.

Con: It adds unnecessary slides to my course. I don't know if this impacts scoring, we really don't care about that for this particular course, but this could be a con.

Emily Ruby

Hello Kim!

Thanks for sharing. Glad this is working for you. I wanted to attach a sample file of how the use of variables can be used in this situation. It may be easier to see them first hand.

I created a question with attempts set to unlimited (can do any amount as the try again trigger causes the "loop") then assigned the try again layer to go back to initial question with resume initial state set up.

The variables are named Slideone, and Slidetwo.The variable is set to 0, and the adjust variable trigger is set to add +1 each time the user clicks the submit button. Then the trigger to "jump to the next slide" is set to jump on condition that the variable is =2, meaning 2 times the submit trigger has been clicked, using both attempts.

Hope this helps. And others may join in with different suggestions as well.

Kim Simmons

Thank you Emily for the sample file.

LOL..... sadly I need to sit with anything remotely resembling math/algebra. I'm sure it's as simple as one, two, three. I'll let you know how well I fare once I come back to it.

I'm looking forward to understanding variables. I know they will offer a more elegant solution than the one I created.