Resetting an exam

I have created a Storyline 2 (story) that consists of 14 Quizzes, each having a results page, and in addition I have added a summary results page which provides an average score for the combined quiz results.

I want to create an action which allows the user to reset all of the quizzes when they have completed all quizzes and want to redo all of the quizzes again.

Any suggestions?

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Ashley Terwilliger

Hi Robert,

It may be the end of a day Friday so I'm not entirely thinking through this - but have you tried using the "reset results" trigger that is included when you add a "retry" button. That should reset the results for your master slide and then allow the users to navigate back through the course. 

Let us know if you're still having difficulty and if you'd like to share the .story file we're also happy to take a look at that. Maybe Monday I'll have clearer thoughts... :-)