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Cathy DeBurro

For the most part, that option works, however, I have a slide that has 30 seconds of audio before the interaction occurs, and I don't want them to have to listen to that all over again.  Is there a way to reset the interaction itself using a trigger?  It is only needed if they guess the wrong answer, then they are provided an option to try again from the feedback slide.  There is no results slide to reset.  It is simply a Convert to Freeform slide with a text entry interaction.

Cathy DeBurro

That would work, except for the fact that the interaction doesn't come up for the 30 seconds that the audio is playing.  So, essentially - If I could it the slide set to 'resume saved state' (where it left off on the slide at the activity) as well as 'reset the interaction' - that would be what I'm looking to do.  I have a work around for now....but it's not ideal.  Thanks, Wendy!  I appreciate it.

Mike Enders

Wait, do you want it to be graded?

That issue aside...

The basic approach I'd take is...

  • Create your interaction on the base layer with no timeline delay before it appears.
  • Next, place your audio on a slide layer.
  • Create a T/F variable similar to Wendy's approach and set it to True.
  • Create trigger on base layer to show the audio slide layer when timeline starts if variable is = True.
  • On the slide audio layer, create trigger to adjust variable to False when audio (media) completes.
  • Also on slide audio layer, create a trigger to hide slide layer when audio (media) completes.
  • In slide layer properties, you can select "Prevent user from clicking on base layer"

So now, the first time through, the person has to listen to the audio before they can interact with the interaction on the base layer. But once that audio is completed, the slide layer is hidden and won't appear upon subsequent viewings of the slide.

This frees you up to do whatever you want on the base layer in terms of having things reset, etc. upon revisiting.

I hope this helps!