Resetting Custom Colours/Removing a Custom Colour


I'm editing the colour scheme for a player, and my Custom Colours Picker is full. I'm dealing with minor variations in shade, so it's hard to see which colours are the ones I want to use.

Is there a way to remove custom colours from the picker, or to reset it completely and start over, adding just the custom colours I want for this particular player?


Andy Dunn, Vancouver (where colors become colours)

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Andrew Dunn

One more question...

How do I change the button colour in feedback (correct/incorrect) popups on question slides? I've tried to create a custom colour scheme and to apply it to all slides, but my buttons are still grey (except the 'invalid answer' one, which we can change via the player colours).

Editing colours seems to be a bit over-complicated in Storyline compared to Presenter

Christine Hendrickson

Hi Andrew!

You'd want to edit the colors for those prompts in the Feedback Master, actually. You can do this pretty quickly and you should be able to use the custom colors you've already specified for your course. 

Take a look at the following tutorial for more information:

Tutorials > Articulate Products > Using Feedback Masters

Let me know if you have any trouble with this, or any questions.

Thanks, Andrew!


Leslie McKerchie

Hi Jean-Christophe!

Yes, you can override these colors - but to clear them all, you have to do from files.

When your custom colors swatches are full, you can overwrite them or clear them entirely.

Overwriting Your Custom Color Swatches

To overwrite an existing color swatch:

  1. Select one of your custom color swatches.
  2. Create a new custom color using the options on the right side of the Colors window.
  3. Click Add to Custom Colors.
  4. Click OK.
Clearing Your Custom Colors

To clear all your custom colors:

  1. Close Articulate Storyline.
  2. Go to this folder on your computer: %AppData%\Articulate\Storyline\2
  3. Delete the customcolors.xml file.

The next time your open Storyline, your custom colors will be cleared.