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Sep 27, 2013

Is there any way for a Fill in the Blank to be reset to it's original state. Currently, when users click Try Again, the incorrect answer remains. I would like the typing box to become blank again.

I am running into this problem for drop down slides as well.

I have settings to Reset to initial state.



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Nikki Lowin

Hi Ashley,

The "this thread" is more complex than I need. I only have one slide that I want students to continue to practice until they get the right answer. In the first thread, "this one", Julie Kollor states, "In the Fill in the Blank question, add this trigger to the slide

Set TextEntry equal to (blank).

I have a matching drop down question, not a fill in the blank, but am assuming I can apply Julie's suggestion to my question type (?) and if so, I am not sure how to fill in the fields of a new trigger.


Ashley Terwilliger-Pollard

Hi Nikki,

My apologies, I thought you mentioned a fill in the blank in the first one which you'd need to deal with a bit differently than a matching drop down. For a matching drop down to reset it so that the user can answer again without seeing their first answers, you'd need to set up something like the following:

1. Set the question slide properties to "Reset to initial state"

2. Set the number of attempts to 2 or more

3. Place a blank slide prior to the quiz slide, with the trigger - jump to next slide when timeline starts (this will allow it to not be visible)

4. Create a trigger on the Try Again layer to jump to the blank side when clicking Try again

This will reset the matching drop down each time so that it shows "Select" in each of the drop downs. This set up will allow unlimited attempts, as each time it's being reset.  

Rebecca Fleisch Cordeiro

Hi Nikki and Ashley,

Nikki, thanks for the question. I swear this has been asked before and the answer was it wan't doable. I know I asked about it here back in June, but no one responded...I'll head over and link back to this thread now.

Ashley, thanks! Although most times, in terms of learning, I think it would be best if Learners could see their previous answers, there are times when clients prefer this setup.

Leslie McKerchie

Hey LaWanda,

This conversation is a bit dated, and I'd like to start fresh and understand what you are looking to build.

If you are looking to re-set a fill in the blank question as the original question stated, you do not need a blank side.

I'd add a couple of triggers to the Try Again Layer:

  1. Set TextEntry equal to (blank) when user clicks Try Again
  2. Jump to same slide when user clicks Try Again

As well as have the Slide Properties set to Reset to Initial State.

My example is attached.

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