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Dan Newton

Hi, thanks I will take a look. With the D&D, I want the drag options to return to the original place should the learner choose the incorrect options and has to try the quiz again. So far if the learner gets it wrong and retries, the drag options remain in the drop zone and do not return to the original starting place. Can you offer any help on this? Thanks, Dan

Wendy Farmer

Hi Dan

there is an option where the Drag option will return back if dropped in the wrong position when the user is doing the interaction.  If you want them to do the interaction get the try again layer then you'll need to add a trigger to jump to the slide when the user clicks the try again button and set the revisit slide properties to 'reset to initial state'.  When you do this, the number of attempts will loop and if you only want them to have a limited number of tries you'd need to have a number variable counting the tries before you display the incorrect layer.

Hope that makes sense...here is a KB article that may help you