Resetting Matching Drop-Down - Would you want to?

Jun 27, 2013

Recently someone asked me about resetting the graded matching drop-down quiz in Storyline. The initial state shows the word "SELECT" beside the drop-down arrow. And, when you click it, the choices appear.

Resetting Doesn't Work

If you set up, say, 2 attempts, when the Learner clicks to try again, the word SELECT does NOT reappear; instead, the Learner's choices remain on the screen. They CAN in fact try again, and if they answer correctly, they're good to go.

But the person making the inquiry wondered if there was a way to reset these back to their original "select" state, similar to how we can "force" Storyline to reset Drag and Drops with Try Again by resetting to initial state and jumping to the base slide.

Resetting to initial state on its own doesn't work to reset, although it doesn't cause any problems. Resetting to initial state AND having the Try again button jump to the base layer caused the quiz to function improperly, at least for me.

Would you want to reset?

I said I wondered if Articulate purposely set things up this way so Learners can see what their choices were and reflect on where the mistake might be before trying again. The client wondered how Learners and educators felt about that, so that's my question.

Would you want matching drop-downs to reset on "try again" so Learners couldn't see their choices, or do you prefer that the choices remain on the screen? And the question is posed for you as a Learner and/or an Educator.


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