Resetting multiple variables to default values

I have a program that has 60 unique variables.  If the user fails the test, I would like the user to repeat the educational component.  I would like to reset all variables back to their default value.  I understand this was a feature requested several years ago and hoping this was added to later versions.  If it was, I am unable to find a command to do this.  I would hate to create a separate trigger to reset each variable individually.  Although, I did notice a comment from Steve Gannon over 6 years ago indicating a work around using JavaScript.

     var player = GetPlayer();
     player.SetVar("variable1", "John");
     player.SetVar("variable2", "Doe");

As I indicated, I am hoping there is a simple command added to Storyline to reset all variables to their default state.

Thanks for the help. 

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