Resetting Question Banks

Mar 03, 2015

On the attached file...

I want the learner to be able to retake the quiz after reviewing the content. For an example of the problem follow these steps....
1. Enter name and click to main menu
2. Click Market Days Supply
3. On sub menu, click quiz
4. Fail the quiz
5. click through the review
6. Back on sub menu, click quiz again

The learner is not able to retake the quiz, they can just click through it. I have attempted a reset results trigger in multiple locations and can't see to crack it.


Thanks in advance for the help

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Veronica Budnikas

Hi Phillip,

I've had a look at your file and what you need to do is tick the option in each quiz results slide to allow the user to retry the quiz:

Then, by default SL will insert a REVIEW QUIZ button. You probably won't want that button where it appears, so have a look at the two triggers it inserts automatically. You can use those triggers, for example, on your FAILED layer and link them to the NEXT button:

Hope this helps!


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