Resetting quiz questions in Storyline

Hi. I'm new to Storyline and am having trouble with the following situation.

The user is presented with a question on one slide. There are two buttons which jump to different pages: one to answer the question - this takes them to a quiz slide; another to watch a video to learn more - this takes them to a slide containing a video from which they can navigate to the quiz slide and answer the question. 

If they answer the question correctly, they move on to another question. If they answer incorrectly, they navigate to the video slide. They are stuck in a loop between the video slide and the quiz slide until they answer the question correctly.

My issue is if a user incorrectly answers a question, views the video, then returns to the quiz slide, they cannot reattempt the question. If I make the number of attempts for the question unlimited, they never navigate to the video question.

Can I reset the quiz slide each time it is visited?


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