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Jul 18, 2016

Hello everyone!  I am new to Articulate and have been self teaching myself how to use Storyline as I go along and I am currently having issues with the reset slide to initial state feature.  When I change the properties of the base and slide layers to reset to initial state, the slide did not reset to initial state when I revisit.  I have tried to change the state to; just the base layer, all slide layers, and some slide layers with no success.  Can someone help me?


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EFCU training

Hi Ali!

Thank you for getting back to me!  Here is what I have done so far.  Our department is revamping our online courses for product knowledge and we wanted to create a fun, and interactive game for staff to take.  We discovered the Hub and Spoke game created by Keith Freeman and thought we could use that template and tweak it to fit our companies needs.  With our version of the template, we are trying to set a trigger that once staff complete Accounts, they would not need to retake that if they do not complete Services.   

Ali Goulet

Hi Justin,

Thanks for sharing your file here! That's a super fun course, and it looks like you're off to an amazing start.

I'll have to defer to the community for assistance in regards to the design structure here. I highly recommend also reaching out in our Building Better Courses forums, as it's a great place to bounce around design-related ideas and questions. Our community members there may be able to chime in and provide some insight on how to achieve your desired course structure. 

It could also be helpful to reach out to Keith directly regarding making changes to the designed flow of the template, as he would be the most familiar with the overall setup. You can do so by using the Contact Me option in his profile page.

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