resetting the state of a question bank

Jul 19, 2012

I have a question bank set up for a learner to practice.  I want to give them the option to go back into the bank and practice more or move on.

When I go back to the bank, it pulls the same questions as were in the first pass. 

How do i reset the bank?

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Dorothy Stark

I asked what might be a similiar question here:

I'm not sure why Jeanette Brooks' reply doesn't show in the posting, but here's what I got from her in an email:


Dorothy - apologies for the late response here; we've been having an issue with

comment notifications not reaching us, and we only just now saw your question

about how to make subsequent visits to a question bank display the questions in

a (new) random order. Currently the way question banks work, the slides will

shuffle only on the first time the user views the bank. (The logic is, if the

user needs to revisit some questions and come back later, they'll be able to see

the same questions as they did the first time, and, if permitted, they can

revise their answers.) If you'd like to see question banks handled differently

though, or if you'd like an option to reshuffle them on subsequent views, we

welcome feature requests! You can submit your ideas to our development team

here: Thank


Gordon UBS Lam

Hi James.  While I can't tell you where the link was moved to, I can tell you how to fix this issue, I just resolved it by adding a "reset results" trigger and choosing the results slide for your quiz..  If your retake button takes them directly to the question bank, then add it as the FIRST on click trigger on that button.  If you instead direct them to an opening page, then add the trigger to that page when the timeline starts.

Hope that helps

James Klaas

Hi Gordon,
Thanks for your rapid response.

The problem I have with resetting the results is that the questions do not
have an answer, as they are just for verbal discussion with no options to
choose from. So when I want to put in a reset trigger there is nothing to
assign it to.
I can reset the questions by restarting the game but then the game markers
go back to zero.
Jim .

Gordon UBS Lam

hmm.... If you are using a question bank, there were some buttons there for submitting a response at some point?  You could hide stuff offscreen, score the questions without the learner knowing it based on a trigger that adjusts a number variable used in your results slide, then adjust your results slide to look nothing like a results slide, and still reset it.  That's probably not a well written answer but I hope you catch my drift.

Good luck!


Timothy Haldane

Just wanted to pop in here and say thank you to all the contributors to this thread. I wanted to create a set of randomly chosen scenarios (which would determine the dialogue and branching), containing a random character (to avoid the user easily associating a given scenario with a specific character if they retake the quiz). The point being to get the user to pay attention to the dialogue, not memorize the characters.

I used one question bank to select a random character first (A, B, C...), then another to select a random scenario (1, 2, 3...), which would then forward automatically to the scene associated with that scenario (scene 1, scene 2, scene 3...). In other words, the scenario dictates the content. The character just changes how the scenario appears, and is driven by variable / state change.

For now, as soon as the scenario starts. it submits results to a hidden results slide the user never sees. When restarting the scenario, a trigger resets the results slide and returns the user to the question bank pulls to reset the random variables. Works like a charm!

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