Resetting the state to normal.

The title of this discussion looks so simple. However, I didn't find it simple though. I am working on a project right now and this includes an interactivity. User should be able to hover and click an image. Here are the characteristics of the interactivity.

1. Upon hover the state of the object should change from NORMAL to HOVER.

2. Upon click the state of the object should change from HOVER to SELECTED.

3. Upon clicking anything outside selected object, the state of selected object should change from SELECTED to NORMAL. 

Quite simple !!

However, the first two works pretty good. The third one works only when, 

1. The object is independent, and

2. The object is not grouped with others. 

I wanted to have the state reset to NORMAL for the grouped one. I don't want to ungroup the objects. Please suggest, how this can be achieved?


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Christie Pollick

Hi, Anuj -- Thanks for reaching out with your question and so sorry to hear of your difficulties! Would it be possible for you to share your file so we can take a look at the behavior you have described, please? If you're not able to share your file here in the community, you are welcome to share privately using this form