Resetting variable upon revisit

Hi everyone

I'm looking for assistance in resetting 3 variables upon revisit. I have 3 numeric entries adding up to create a total. I have a warning layer to show if any of the 3 entries have a value of 0. When the user revisits, I can't get the value to reset. If I reset it to 0, the warning layer will show. I have the slide and layer set to "reset to initial state." Any suggestions on what else I can do?


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RECO Education

Thanks Wendy that worked, however, let's say I enter




The answer variable is "total" and in this case the total comes out to 12 on the feedback layer.

When I reset and return to the slide, the numbers are set to 0. When I enter new numbers, let's say 




It adds the 9 to the 12. How can I reset my total variable on the feedback layer. 

Wendy Farmer

Same trigger Sandy on the layer where the total variable is.

You can reset the variable when the user closes the feedback layer

So trigger would be:

Adjust variable 'total' assignment = 0 when user clicks close button (if you have one) or when timeline ends on the layer.  Hard to say without seeing your set up but try one of those