Resetting variables at Result page


Okay i have few problems that i need to fix on result page. 


I have put 7 triggers on button called "RIPETI" first 5 triggers setting value of variables M1Q1, M1Q2... to FALSE. They got turned to TRUE when users clicks on right answer on quiz questions. And at result page on that bottom bar those red crosses turn to green check marks (change state) which represent correct questions that user has answers trough quiz.

6th trigger should reset results of that quiz, and as i tested i seen it really does reset value of %Result.ScorePoints%.

7th trigger is jumping back to slide before 1st question of quiz so user can retake it. 

Problem 2:

When user finish quiz additional layer will be shown on result page depending on how much points he achieved:

%Result.ScorePoints% = 10 points = layer 20% will be shown

%Result.ScorePoints% = 20 points = layer 40% will be shown

%Result.ScorePoints% = 30 points = layer 60% will be shown

%Result.ScorePoints% = 40 points = layer 80% will be shown

%Result.ScorePoints% = 50 points = layer 100% will be shown

There are 5 question, each correct answers is 10 points. Total of 50 points.

1st time user finishes quiz everything works perfect:

- correct layer is showing

- bar with correct/wrong answers (cross/check marks) is correctly showing.

But when users clicks "RIPETI" and starts quiz again, and comes to result page, no additional layer is showing, all states of pictures of bar with correct/wrong answers are set to FALSE (displaying red crosses).

Does anyone know how to fix it?

Thanks in advance.


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Leslie McKerchie

Thanks for sharing Sven.

I took a look and I see how the Result Slide is not working ideally when re-taking your quiz.

I updated the Slide Properties to 'Reset to initial state', it's working much better and the percentage layers were presenting as expecting and the bar along the bottom displays the right x's and check's.