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Jul 25, 2017


I'm trying to create a Multiple Choice question. If the student answers incorrectly he'll get a message saying: "wrong answer, please try again." When he'll click the Retry button I want the answers to be reshuffled and his first answer to be erased. The user has unlimited attempts.

I tried using the trigger "hide this layer" but it won't reshuffle the answers.

Can anyone help?


Many thanks!

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Wendy Farmer


do you have the 'shuffle answers' option selected?

You don't say which version of SL you are using - this screenshot is from Storyline 2. When you are in Form View on the Design Tab the option to select 'shuffle answers' is there

Add the following triggers to the Try Again layer to wipe out the previous answer


123456 roni

Thank you for your prompt answer. I'm working with SL3.
Yes, 'shuffle answers' option is on and your answered helped with wiping the previous answer.

What I'm still missing, is how to reshuffle after user clicked 'retry' button.

The only way I found is by adding a a trigger to the 'retry' button with 'Jump to slide' and manually selecting the current slide, while changing slide properties to 'Reset to initial state' when revisiting. This option is great but doesn't work well when using draw from a question bank.

Can you think of another solution?



Ashley Terwilliger-Pollard

Hi 123456, 

Are you having the user try the question again from the results slide or the "try again" feedback layer?

From the results slide it would be treating it as a new attempt at the question and should reshuffle them. If you're having the user try it again from the feedback layer, it'll reset the answers but won't reshuffle the answers. 


Shing Woei Peh


I'm trying to create a 'Reshuffle' button for my course using a freeform drag and drop interaction. I've removed the built-in 'Submit' button since that particular slide isn't a quiz, but simply an interactive slide.

I did try to create a button that jumps to that slide to reset it, but the positions didn't reshuffle and remained that same as the first shuffle. 

Is there any way to manually create a trigger to reset and reshuffle the position of the answers?


Alyssa Gomez

Hi Jia! 

The shuffle feature was really designed more for shuffling the choices based on each learner, rather than each learner's multiple viewings of the same question. 

Have you tried creating multiple "versions" of the same slide, with the answers shuffled differently on each version? Then, the reshuffle button would jump to a new slide with the answers shuffled in a different way.

I'm sure there are other ways to accomplish this, so I'm looking forward to what other folks suggest here!

Shing Woei Peh

Hi Alyssa!

I would want to try creating multiple versions of the same slide and have the users loop around, however the slide is pretty heavy already and Im trying to avoid the file from getting heavier so I can't go that route unfortunately.

May I ask what mechanic within Storyline triggers the reshuffling of answers? e.g. wrong answers, appearance of default 'try again' slide. Maybe I could try recreating the mechanic to trigger the reshuffling.

Alyssa Gomez

Hi Jia!

The freeform drag and drop interaction will reshuffle answer choices when the learner clicks the "Retry Quiz" button on the results slide. That button has two triggers associated with it:

  • Reset results [Results Slide] when the user clicks
  • Jump to [first quiz slide] when the user clicks

I have not seen that mechanic recreated without a results slide, but almost anything is possible in Storyline, so give it a go! Let us know if you're able to make it work. ☺️

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