Resizing Grouped Shapes

I have a note that is made up of 2 parts: 1. white rectangle shape with text, 2. thin rectangle on left.

I manually resize the thin rectangle (2) to be the same height as the rectangle with text (1).

First: Is there any way to create a shape in Storyline that looks like the attached without having to use 2 different shapes. That way I wouldn't have to resize 2 items vs just 1.

Second: Is there a way to have Storyline auto-resize the thin rectangle (2) to match the height of the text shape (1)?

Just looking for ways to save time.

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bobby garcia

Thanks, Phil. But what I mean is I have a certain amount of text in the text shape (1) and I've set 'Resize shape to fit text' with (left, right, top, bottom) margins of, say, 25 each. If I add or remove text, the text shape (1) will resize its height accordingly. But the colored shape (2) will remain the original height. See attached.

It would be easier to have a shape that includes a colored bar/side rather than 2 shapes. Or to have a way for the colored shape (2) to automatically resize itself to the height of the text shape (1).

Walt Hamilton

Of course, there's a way. I'll leave it to you to decide if it is worth the investment. It does illustrate why I'm such an avid supporter of dedicated programs. You can make this shape in seconds in a graphics program, import it and put text on it.

Option B: You don't have to group them. Select them both, and they will resize together.

Option C: Second video shows a fast way to get them both the same height.