Resizing / moving screen recording step by step slides

Oct 16, 2017

Hi all

I am currently doing screen recordings and converting to step by step slides, however have found that the slides are completely fixed i.e. cannot resize or crop the slides where needed.

The only solution I have found so far is screen shotting each system scenario required or screen clipping each step by step slide, which is somewhat time consuming!

Does anyone have any other ideas or tips please?

If this is not possible, can this be added as a feature request please.

Many thanks


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Alyssa Gomez

Hi Chris, thanks for reaching out!

Storyline doesn't have a built in feature that will allow you to crop or resize the step-by-step background image, but I can see how that would be really helpful! We love getting new ideas from folks in the community, and you're welcome to share it directly with our product team here. Thanks for letting us know how we can make things better. 🙂

Amie Gustavson

Any update on getting the ability to resize/crop step-by-step video slides?  I am trying to record software that is just too small to be functional--if I could resize the slides, I would be able to use the step-by-step--which is a huge reason I purchased this software in the first place.  This is a huge limitation. 

Leslie McKerchie

Hello Amie,

Thanks for reaching out to follow up. The feature that Chris mentioned above is still not a feature within Storyline, but based on your description, I did want to clarify some functionality.

You mention the ability to resize the slides. When recording your screencast videos, the default recording size matches your slide size in Storyline, and you do have the ability to change this. We recommend adjusting your slide size prior to beginning your project to avoid any shifts in your content.

Amie Gustavson

I probably used the wrong word.  I want to be able to resize/crop the video recording.  Currently my only option is to record the entire screen--I don't have the ability to zoom in on the part of the screen I need learners to focus on (and be able to see).  These are things I can do in Lectora and was hoping to be able to do in Storyline in conjunction with the step-by-step functionality.  Thanks for the reply!

Ashley Terwilliger-Pollard

Hi Amie, 

When you initially start the recording you can choose what section or area of your screen to capture as detailed here. 

Once you insert it as a step-by-step recording, the captured images become a part of your slide background and the sizing cannot be changed. This ensures that the screen images are consistent across slides and that the screen recording mouse movements also stay where they were designed. 

Hope that helps clarify, and let us know if you need anything else! 

Greg Brown

Hi Ashley,

Not the original commenter, but I'm running into the same problem as others and wanted to see if there had been any progress in this area. It makes sense from an ease-of-programming sense to keep the image of the screen (or screenshot the Articulate recorded takes each time) in one fixed place on the background and persistent through each slide.

However, I imagine many of us would like to zoom in, pan, etc., as the slides are progressing, or even just quickly center the step-by-step "recording" in the slide. In my case, I'm actually just trying to get the slide to be the same size as the "recording", and even that I can't figure out how to do without going into custom settings and then adjusting the pixel size over and over again until things are right.

Drew Barnett

Hi, I think I have a similar problem. I recorded at (Custom) 1920x1080 and inserted as 'Video'. I was able to scale the video to match the player dimensions. But when I inserted that output to 'View' (step by step) the slides are fixed and I'm left with an envelope look which is too small from UX perspective. What can I do to make the 'View' the same dimensions as the 'Video'? 

George Milton

Hello - still a challenge after all these years (lol).  I want to insert a step-by-step video to be full screen.  I've search the forum but unable to find a solution. 

If I set my story size to 1920x1080 (see attached Pic1) I can see and select the size while recording (see attached Pic2).  However, when inserted into the scene it does not display full screen (see attached Pic3).  This is no good as it is too small for the software simulation I am creating.

Thoughts?  Am I missing something?  Thanks All!

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