Resizing Screen Recordings to fit GUI

Apr 01, 2013

Hello all,

Once a again I have ran into an issue I can't resolve. I have a custom GUI built within Storyline and I am doing a course on software simulation. However when I record the simulation and bring it back, via Step-By-Step mode it puts the new slides within the scene and not with my template. Also I cant figure out how to resize and move the screen recording. Is this even possible with Storyline? Please say yes...

- Pauly

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Pauly Barnes

Well, just finished talking with Justin at Articulate and he basically concluded what I want to do cannot be done through Storyline. At least not as easily as I hoped. So with that said, I am going to go ahead and opt for the Phil approach utilizing the Lightboxes to display the simulations.

Thanks for the tip Phil!

- Pauly

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