Resolution Issues and Player settings

Apr 09, 2018

I have a course that has a demo in it.  The demo was recorded at 1601 x 876. 

When I publish the course with the settings:
Browser size: "Resize browser to optimal size"
Player size: "Scale player to fill browser window"

the course is blurrier than when I publish it with the settings:
Browser size: "Resize browser to optimal size"
Player size: "Lock player at optimal size"

When I size the windows to the same size the the first settings are blurrier than the second settings.

Is there any advice or are there are any articles someone can point me to, to explain the resolution issues with SL360?  Is SL able to display on HD monitors?  Is that the issue, I have read past articles on the deficiencies of SL and HD displays.

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Ashley Terwilliger-Pollard

Hi Janelle, 

With Storyline set to scale the player and the browser, that's going to change the overall quality as you're scaling everything within the course. Keeping the player and browser locked at the optimal size will continue to display content in the way you set up. There are some other helpful tips for resolution and quality here related to media - but the same rules apply. Any scaling (larger or smaller) will change the overall quality.

The discussions in ELH you may have also seen about the high-resolution monitors are mostly about working in Storyline - as earlier versions didn't work as well with those high res monitors, as Storyline needed to be used with a DPI setting of 96 or 100%. 

Hope that helps! 

Jessica Wade

Hi Ashley! 

I'm having similar issues with a demo/simulation I've created in Articulate Storyline 2. Is there a way to fix the resolution? When I record and am in preview, everything looks just fine! But when I publish, it looked really pixelated. I too, am using a setting of 96/100%. I've also set the changed all publish settings to 100%. I'm not sure what else I should do, unless I should've changed the resolution from the start? 

Ashley Terwilliger-Pollard

Hi Jessica,

Have you checked the overall story size in comparison with the player settings? Any stretching or scaling of the content would cause display and quality issues once published. 

This article mentioned Storyline 360, but there are a lot of other helpful tips for recording screens and keeping high quality.

Let us know if that helps! 

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