Resource file does not exist , How to solve this error?

Dec 08, 2017

Hello Everyone,

I receive some errors, when I upload the zip file to the pilot system of my e learning program and I attached the mentioned errors.

I published my course in LMS (storyline 3) by selecting SCORM 1.2

I am beginner to this software , please leave your comments if you know the solutions.


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Crystal Horn

Hi there, Pavan.  Typically, when you publish a course for LMS and zip it, the LMS will be able to unpack all of those contents and host the course successfully.

Can you try uploading your content in SCORM Cloud to see if you get the same message?  We're happy to help test on our end, too, if you'd like to share the .story file here.

Pavan Mudegowdra

Hello Crystal, Thanks a lot for the suggestion. I uploaded my course content in SCORM cloud and it works as expected without any errors! in my computer ( articulate storyline 3).

When I sent the zip file for testing to other department ( where they are using articulate storyline 2), Unfortunately it is showing same errors when they uploade the same zip file on our company e-campus site.

so, is there any issues with articulate storyline 3??

I am clueless about these errors.

Looking forward for the comments and suggestions.

Thank you.

Walt Hamilton

The next step would be to send them the zip file and have them upload it to SCORM cloud.

1. If it works for you and SCORM cloud, the problem isn't with SL3 or your computer.

2. If it doesn't work for them to upload to SCORM cloud, it is their computer, or (more likely) the way they are uploading. For example, they might be unzipping it first.

2. If it works for them to upload to SCORM cloud, the problem isn't with the transmission, their computer or the way they are uploading. If they upload to your e-campus site the same way, the problem is with it and/or the way it interacts with the SCORM package.

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