Nov 10, 2016

Hi all,

I have decided that when a user selects the resource tab, a light box appears rather than the standard drop down.

Obviously with the standard drop down you are loading the resource (where it be a file or a URL) into storyline. However, with the light box i'm having to use the 'jump to' trigger and everything is opening as if it's a website? Is there an other way to embed documents or do I have to revert back to the drop down resource?




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Alyssa Gomez

Hi Hannah,

You are correct - if you're using a lightbox, you'll want to link the resources using a "Jump to..." trigger, explained here

If you're able to host the resource on a server, you could insert the resource as web object on a layer:

  1. Select the Insert Tab
  2. Select Web Object.
  3. Dialog box will appear.
  4. In Address field enter the url where your PDF resides. 
  5. Click OK. 

Keep in mind you will not be able to see the web object if you use the Preview feature.  You will need to publish the project to do a real test. 

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