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I'm trying to display the resources-tab in the sidebar. No big deal, I know! The funny thing however is that it just won't show... and it gets even weirder. When I add the menu or any other sidebar -tab... it works perfectly and everything shows up as expected. Any ideas on how to fix this? I made it work this morning so I know it's possible... but now... no idea on how to get it to work.


Thanks for the feedback!

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I'm working in Storyline 360. The file is empty still, but I will provide it anyway. As you will see, the resources tab shows in the second slide (where I activated the menu as well) but not in the first slide, where it's the only tab activated. I have had a succesfull project with only the resources tab activated on the left so I know it's possible (sreenshot in the attachments), but since that was a test, I didn't save it.

Leslie McKerchie

Hello Anneleen and thank you for sharing the file with me. Even empty, it was what I needed to fully understand your issue. I was previously testing in Storyline 2 and knew to take a look at Storyline 360 for your report. That being said, I do see the same issue you are reporting and can re-create it in a new file so I'm logging this as a possible software bug. I do not know of a workaround to share with you at this time, but the Flash version seems to work as expected. 

In Storyline 360, the preview window is a preview of the HTML5 content, so it's not displaying properly there either. If you publish for Flash first with HTML5 fallback, it will display as you are expecting in Flash enabled browsers.

From here, I’ll meet with my team to take a closer look, so that we can determine next steps. I’ll let you know as soon as we have an update. 

Leslie McKerchie

Good news! We fixed the issue you reported where:

  • Resources in Sidebar without Menu not displaying in HTML5

Install the latest Storyline 360 update to take advantage of all the recent features and fixes. Here's how.

If the problem happens again, please record a Peek 360 screencast for me, and I'll be happy to help!