Resources Field Does Not Completely Appear When Published

Apr 19, 2016

I have added a pdf resource for a learning module - when I preview the module the Resource field appears completely (see attached image Resources Field Appears When Previewed).

After publishing the learning module and clicking on the Resources tab the resource field partially appears (see attached image Resources Field Incomplete After Publishing) - I am able to open the pdf but the title does not appear in the field.

Please advise why Resources field does not completely appear when viewing output.

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Christie Pollick

Hi, Norman -- Thanks for your question and so sorry to hear your are having difficulties! First, I wanted to note, if you had intended to share an image, unfortunately, it did not come through here in your post.

You are welcome to use the ADD ATTACHMENT button in the bottom of the reply box and you can browse/upload from there. 

Also, may I ask if you are testing your published output in the intended environment as described here? You may also want to review this article on Attaching Resources

Please let us know if issues persist! :)