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Nancy Woinoski

Hi Maggie, there is no way to make the font bigger. There are a couple of tricks you can use to make it look slightly bigger.

1. Select a player font that is bolder - for example, the default player text in Storyline 1 is Articulate but if you changed the default to Articulate Extrabold the text would appear larger.

2. Capitalize the text label for the resources tab.

Both of these edits are found in the Player Properties.

Nancy Woinoski

Maggie Forman said:

Hi Nancy,

Thanks for the info.  If there a way to directly link to the contents of the resources tab?  Meaning how can I find out the file structure/url so I can create a link to the tab?

If that's even possible.

On another note, your last name seems Polish...so dziekuje!



You are welcome Maggie.  My last name is Polish but I'm a fourth generation Canadian so had to look up dziekuje! in Google.