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Judy Nollet

If the documents are in the player-level Resources, there's no way to judge whether the user clicked them.

If you link to the documents on a slide via a text box, image, or other object, you can check whether they were clicked. Just add a trigger that adjusts a T/F variable from False to True when the user clicks the object. That would allow you to control whether the user can proceed (e.g., disable NEXT when the time line starts if the variable is False; enable NEXT when the variable changes to True). Thus, you'd "know" they clicked to view the resource because that's the only way they could advance beyond that slide to complete the course.

Of course, that only proves they clicked the object. It doesn't mean they actually reviewed the document(s). The only way to verify that is to ask them questions for which they have to refer to the documents for the answers.