Resources Links Not Working (Links to FIles in SharePoint)


I'm able to link to files on my company's shared drive, but I cannot link to files within SharePoint. Oh, I can form the link to any file on SharePoint, and testing shows it works. But in the final product, the link does nothing if linking to SP. Any thoughts?


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Ashley Terwilliger-Pollard

Hi Mark,

I don't know enough about SharePoint to say with any certainty, but it looks like you added the links as a part of the "file" section - not the URL section? 

You'll also want to make sure that you're testing the published output within the intended environment as testing it locally could cause you to encounter restrictions as detailed here. 

Mark McEvoy

You are correct regarding "you added the links as a part of the 'file' section." That is because a link formed using the URL will not work. Do you have SP in your work environment that you might try to create a link to a document in SP and then test it out?

I am testing in the intended environment.

Mark McEvoy


I just had a chance to try creating the same links desired in a new 1-slide presentation. And they work! So, knowing that the problem is specific to the 2 story files that I've created, any ideas on how to remove the issue? Do I start by copying all slides from each file into new files?

Mark McEvoy

Well, a bit more troubleshooting and I found where the problem emanates from. I'm publishing to a network share. If I publish a test file to C:, the links work. But if I publish the same test file to my network share (for example, P:\IS_Operations\Training Dept\Getting to Know You), the links go dead. Do you have any techie guys there that might be able to troubleshoot further? As stated earlier, this only happens with the URLs. If I create a link using the File text box, the links work. Also, although I have been choosing to publish using the Web option, I tried CD and the same problem exists.