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Dennis Hall

Hi Arend:

Yes... Engage interactions are displayed as WebObjects in Storyline.

The nature of WebObjects is they are always displayed as the top most object in a layer. You can do nothing about it except to reduce the size of the object on the stage.

An alternative (although not perfect), would be to change the Resources link you created to display a slide as a light-box and create resource links in that slide.

One other note about WebObjects... When 'the learner zooms into your course using the web browsers zoom functions, your story will zoom in and out, but your WebObject will remain the same size.

Best Regards,

Dennis Hall

Phil Mayor

Arend Raifsnider said:

Thanks Dennis. That's disappointing information. It seems like my best alternative would be to re-create the interaction in Storyline, but that will require a lot of extra time.

Most engage interactions are easy to replicate, I never use engage interactions in my storyline courses