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Apr 18, 2019

In the player I have unchecked Resources, but it still shows up when I publish in either flash or html5. When I am in the player it will disappear, but when I publish it is still there. This used to work.

Thank you,


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Katie Riggio

Hey there, Kevin. Sorry you're running into that!

Are you publishing the course for Web, LMS, or something else? Also, would you mind sharing your .story file with me so I can take a closer look? You can share it publicly here, or send it to me privately by using this upload link.

I'd love to test the course in a similar environment, and will delete it after troubleshooting.

Lisa Spirko

Hi Kevin,

I was having the same problem in my course (Storyline 360). I'm not sure if you found the solution, but I just stumbled on it while creating a stripped down version of my course to upload here. 

If Resources is checked in any Slide Properties, the Resources link will display in the player, even if Resources is unchecked in the Player Properties. They didn't make Storyline smart enough to disable it in Slide Properties if it's disabled in Player Properties, so you have to go through and uncheck is manually. (Katie, is there a reason why these two settings aren't linked?)

Not sure if this is the cause of your particular occurrence of the problem, but thought I'd document it here, in case others encounter this.

Hope this helps somebody! :)


Leslie McKerchie

Hi Lisa,

Thanks for reaching out to share your experience and solution.

You have the ability to have the Player Properties that apply to the entire project, but then at the Slide Property level, you can customize if needed.

If you're using the Player Defaults, it should match what you have set in the Player, but if it is custom, you can display what is needed or hide what is not.

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