Resources tab not showing up


I am trying to get the Resources tab to show up on my interactive infographic.

I am not sure what is wrong here. The tab is getting cut off.

I made an infographic last year and the the tab shows up fine. I used the same player and the same settings.

Any idea why its getting cut off?

I have attached some images.

I appreciate the help!

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Wendy Farmer
Melissa mahoo

I did increase the player font.

If you reduce the font back to 100% does the issue resolve itself?  It could be a lack of space issue. The previous one you created was that in SL2? SL360 has been completely rebuilt for better HTML5 output so it could be related to the way it is being displayed in HTML5 - if you publish to flash does it display correctly.

Wendy Farmer

Hi Melissa

I'm stumped.  I thought it may have been your story size and the added pixels that SL adds when you have player features enabled but I tried changing story size and that had same effect.  Created a new project file and imported your slides in, published just to Flash - same thing.

I'd log a ticket with support and see if they can help. In the meantime, hopefully someone else can chime in to help you.

Ashley Terwilliger

Hi Melissa,

I took a look as well (as I noticed you hadn't submitted a support case yet) and I also think it's connected to your Story size. I tested adjusting that story size to a more standard size for my screen using the 16:9 ratio, and then publishing for Flash only (I wasn't sure if that's what you need - but saw Wendy tested Flash only) and you can view that copy here on Tempshare.  That one looked a lot better to me! 

Keep in mind that while previewing, if you set a fairly large story size, we can only display that in the confines of Storyline's UI so things will get scaled down to fit. If you'll ultimately be uploading and users should be access on a device with a much larger resolution, you'll need to publish and test in that environment. If you're not ready to upload to your server or LMS yet, check out a few of the options mentioned here. 

tim deegan

Hi, I cloned a course (which looked fine) and am having a similar issue. In the preview and when published the Resource tab is gone. I checked the label and noticed the "R" is capitalized in the labels but not in the Player Tabs listing. I tried importing a screen from another course that works properly and the same thing happens. Any thoughts? These need to match the other courses so changing story size is not really an option.