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Apr 12, 2016

We do a lot of translation of our content, but I have never run into an issue with content not being included in the translation table when it is exported... until now. The default text in the resources tab, "Here are some useful links..." did not get exported into the translation table and now we are having to go back and correct the text by individually placing the verbiage for each language. Did we miss something in the export process or is this just a bug within the translation process with Storyline?  

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Crystal Horn

Hi Tiffany!  It sounds like you were choosing the language using the Text Label setting in the Player Properties window.  I see what you're saying about that bit of text under Resources not changing to the translated language.

The only way to change that text is by manually adjusting it under the Resources setting.player properties

If you are doing this for multiple courses, I can see how it would be frustrating.  Would you mind submitting a Feature Request to let our development team know that this is important for you?  We appreciate all the feedback we can get!


Tiffany Shogren

Crystal, thanks... we will submit a feature request. We translated 2 courses into 19 languages, so yes, it's a bit of a cumbersome process to now go back to the translation vendor and request the phrase to be translated into 19 languages (since it wasn't in the translation table) and then manually place the text into the player for each. 

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