Response from previous slides shows up in Feedback


I created a quiz using a lot of advice that I got from people here on the forum (thanks!). I'm just having with one little issue. I've included the quiz, because it is hard to describe, but the problem is that response to a previous slide shows up on the feedback slide but not on the question slide, and I can't figure out how to fix it (other than to hide the offending blank text.

Here's the quiz. Use the keyboard to type (wɪnd) for the first question and eɪk for the second (eɪ is only one character). As you can see, the letters /n/ and /d/ from wind show up in the feedback for ache, even though they are not present in the question for ache itself. Any suggestions about how to fix it? Thanks.

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Ashley Terwilliger

Hi Joseph,

I saw that behavior, but only when the "wind" question came first - not when the "ache" question - but looking at the slides, it looks like you're using the same variable names across both slides - and therefore you'd need an element to reset them or use different variables.

Hope that helps!

Joseph Flanagan


Thanks for the response. I thought I had reset the variables, and that reset "works" to the extent that the previous answer doesn't show up in the base layer: it is only shows in the feedback layer. I guess I can't get my head around why the feedback layer is behaving differently from the base layer. 

 (The problem only occurs when the answer to the previous question is longer than the answer to the current question. So it will only do so in this example if "wind" comes first, since there are more answers there than the ache, and the problem occurs when a variable isn't overwritten.