Responses not bookmarking

Hello Everyone....I created an "Evaluation" using a series of questions.  It's intended to be completed over time and only the Likert scaled questions save submitted responses when re-entering the course in our LMS (Workday).  Is there a setting I'm missing? It functioned in Review 360, but now in LMS it doesn't.

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Sam Hill

Hi Jon, looking at your module, there are lots of questions, and so to persist the state of all of those questions, a lot of data has to be stored. Unfortunately, SCORM 1.2 only allows 40926 characters to be stored and I'm guessing the LMS is quickly reaching that limit with your quiz. 

The quickest solution, if open to you is to publish as SCORM 2004 which allows 64,000 characters.

Some LMS will have a configuration option to allow SCORM 1.2 to store more data. You could also investigate if that is an option.