Responsive PlayBack / Portrait only / mobile device / editionel option


I am using Storyline 360 for our companies mobile e-learnings and it's working great. We like the smooth animation and transitions of everything.
But i run into something.

The mobile content is only for portrait view and there is a great option for this "Responsive PlayBack" Portrait only mode.
The thing is when we use video content we would like to give the user the fullscreen view of the mobile device. But when you rotate your device you get the note that you need to "Turn your device", so the video will be viewed in landscape.

We all want to give the users the best expercience. So we still want to give a global Portrait mode in "Responsive PlayBack", but we would like to be able to give some slides a exception.

I would like to know if more people would like to see this option.

Cheers, Jasper

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