Nov 20, 2014

How can I make my project to be responsive?
Should I opt for 100% width … or create a set size for my mobile
Even with the set size I could run into trouble when the user turns their
phone from portrait to landscape.

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Attila Vago

David, I would very much argue that white-paper, though I am not saying you guys are completely inaccurate, the positioning of content does matter a lot more in a course than it does generally on the web, and that's coming from a web designer/developer. However, and please read this very carefully, responsive development and design is not just about stacking elements, it is about so much more. It's very much like UX, not just about design and interaction. True responsive design means that as a UX architect I am able to fully tailor my content to a specific device type. 

I would also argue that e-learning is slide-based. It is only that because there is still very little flexibility given to a e-learning developer, therefore they will always default to what has been done many times before and never failed. But, and excuse my french, that is what often makes courses bloody boring, and users to be smart enough by now to know that the easy way of getting to the end of the course is by going next-next-finish. As a person who is passionate about education, teaching and learning, I would very much argue the quality of that learning experience.

As it is in all types of design, e-learning needs a holistic approach as well to deliver memorable UX. True responsive design delivers that. Slide-based design however, rarely.

Simon Quinn

Hi David Anderson.  I would be very interested to have a wild guess at roughly when this responsive player would be ready.  Right now I'm making an elearning course which would be quite popular, but my main concern is how it will appear on mobile devices.  This responsive player looks extremely interesting.  Since I haven't launched my product yet, it would be great to know if this will probably come out before I launch or after. 


Alex Arathoon

Hi all, I have already made a new post about the need for a Storyline road-map:

The lack of responsive output for mobiles has been a sticking point for my training division. I've had to radically simplify my design so it looks and works well. This is where Captivate beats Storyline. Other important features worth considering are gestures and GPS tracking.

I would implore Articulate to post a road-map so we can see when features are likely to be adopted. I'm no Captivate fan but to stay competitive, we would appreciate knowing what you guys have in store for us especially when the sales page promotes upgrade options.


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