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Mar 04, 2014

In my project I have 5 scenes.  Within the third scene, is a slide that has 9 circles on it.  Each circle links to a slide that has a fill in the blank question.  If the subject answers it correctly, the corresponding circle on the main slide turns yellow; incorrectly it turns red.  The idea is to get 3 in a row.  All of this works fine. 

The problem is I'm trying to build in a Restart button so that if they don't get 3 in a row, they can restart the slide.  Based on what I currently have, the circles go back to their "normal" state, however when i click on a circle the previous answer is there along with the correct/incorrect dialog box.  How do I get this to clear out?

I do have my slide properties set to "reset to initial state". 

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Jill McNair

Hi Jennifer,

Welcome to the forums!  I think that if you set the trigger on your Replay button to jump to the slide that you are on, that should reset it because it is reloading the whole slide.  

Also note that each layer has a little gear icon where you can set the revisitng behavior.

If this does not help, are you able to share your slide so we can take a look at it?

Jennifer Ion

Thank you for the feedback. I did check out the link you suggested.  While there was information there that may help me in the future, unfortunately it did not help me with this story.  However, after stepping away from it and revisiting, I did have another idea to try and fortunately it was successful. 

The solution for my story was to reset the slide variable to false and also to blank out the text entry (which that part was from you). 

Thanks again!

Solange Richard

I made a working version that you might want to look at.

What I did (for the middle column only)  is the following :

1.       Create Number Variables:

  •   isCorrectATFset to -1
  •  isCorrectCCTset to -1
  •   isCorrect16Aset to -1

2.       I renamed to text variable for more clarity to

  •   txtATF
  •   txtCCT
  •  txt16A

3.       I did not the slideVisitX variablesso I removed the triggers that set those variables

 On each fib slides

1.  Slide Triggers

  • Set isCorrect variable to -1 whentimeline starts to reset it to unanswered.

On Correct Feedback layer

  •  Set isCorrect variables to 1
  •  Set txt variables  to (blank) to reset the text field
  •  Jump to 1.13 ChallengeInstructions

On Incorrect Feedbacklayer

  •  Set isCorrect variables to 1
  •  Set txt variables to (blank)  to reset the text field
  •  Jump to 1.13 ChallengeInstructions

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