Restart Course trigger button shows blank screen

Nov 22, 2012

I'm having issues with an assessment course I'm developing. There are 25 questions and the user needs to get 100% to pass.

If the user gets a question wrong, a warning automatically displays informing them they need 100% in order to pass. In that warning box, the user can select to continue (just to practice) or restart. I made the restart button trigger Restart Course, and in the player template I set the course to Never Resume.

The problem is when I test the course and click to restart, a blank grey page appears (screenshot attached). Help! I've tried Reset Results, same thing happens. Don't know what else I can do.



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Martin Iwinski

I think I have solved the problem. I ended up specifying the first slide in the course (as Jannicke mentioned) when the user clicks to retry.

When the user is sent to the first slide, I placed a slide trigger to "Reset Results when the timeline starts" on that slide. Everything seems to work and the quiz is reset without the blank screen showing up.

I think the issue happened when I placed the trigger to "Reset Results" on a button (e.g. When clicked). Then I got the blank screen. But when I had the Reset Results occur without a button click, this time when timeline starts, it worked without glitches.


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