Restart flv video on slide when re-visiting

Hi all,

I hope you can help me out with this. In a project I'm working on I have a different video (flv) embedded onto each slide which is set up to play automatically when the slide begins. I have also built a custom menu which is accessed from each slide via a lightbox to enable users to jump between slides.

I want the flv to re-start whenever a user jumps to a particular slide. However, if a users jumps to a slide they've already viewed the flv resumes where it left off rather than re-starting. I've set the slide properties to reset to inital state when re-visiting and the timeline re-sets as expected but not the flv.

Does anyone have any ideas?



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Jacinta Penn

Ok lets keep trying. What about if you create a trigger to stop that media when the user clicks on Next. That way if they return, it isn't still playing. (By the way, this seems like a bit of a gliche and may be worth submitting to Articulate as a support case just so they are aware of it. I also am having some problems with video playing as per the timeline)