Restart Slide Timeline

I would love if it was possible for a trigger to restart the timeline of a slide or object.

For example, in a timed drag and drop quiz question, I'd like to be able to send the user back to the beginning of the slide to start over. (Right now I have the slide pause after 20 seconds, and then resume. But I'd like to restart the slide so all of the drag and drop tiles go back to their original state).

Would anyone else use this feature? And can anyone thing of a good workaround for my desired functionality?

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Emily Ruby

Hello Victoria!

If the question is in a bank, then the jump to slide trigger would have to go to the "draw from Bank" It will reset to initial state, if you have that selected.

One way to do this would be to make this question on its own slide, then you could use the Jump to Slide trigger. Not sure if that is possible, but just a suggestion!