Restart the timeline of a layer

Hello dear community

I have created, on a layer,  a slideshow of pictures which are changing every 1,5 second.(with triggers "change de state for the picture" to hide or normal)

There are 10 and I would like the slideshow to restart when arriving to the last one.

I have tried different options, but without success...

ex: resume the timeline when timeline ends, or when reaching to cue point 10...)

Do you have an advice for me ?

Thank you very much in advance




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James Snider

Ok, this is a little convoluted, but I just tested it and it works. I've included some screenshots of my test settings. Hope this helps!

  1. Duplicate your base layer
  2. Duplicate the copy/Layer 1 (now you should have 3 layers total.)
  3. On the base layer, set a trigger that says display Layer 1 when the timeline of the Base Layer starts.
  4. On Layer 1, set a trigger that says display Layer 2 when the Layer 1 timeline starts.
  5. Click the settings icon (the gear wheel) on Layer 1. Check the box that says to pause the Base Layer timeline.
  6. On the same window, for When revisiting, set to Return to initial state.
  7. On Layer 2, set a trigger that says display Layer 1 when timeline ends for the slide, or last image.
  8. Repeat steps 5 and 6 for Layer 2's settings.
Annick Filot

Thank you for the new option, but it is a little bit too complicate for my little expertise :-/

I have a new problem regarding the same objective...because this time,  my slideshow of pictures is included in a layer (not in the baselayer)...I have tried to do the same as explained (which was working very well), but It does not work :-/

Any advice ?

Thank you very much



Leslie McKerchie

Hi Gerry,

We do not have a jump to cue point or specific time on the timeline trigger at this time, but this is a feature request that we are tracking and I've added this conversation.

You can jump back to the same slide when the timeline ends and have it set to When Revisiting: Reset to Initial State.

The question above was specific to layers and not slides, so perhaps that solution will help you :)